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Discover our wide range of satellite TV and TNT (DVB-T) antennas for your boat and thus benefit from the reception of TV channels in coastal navigation.

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From March 24 to March 28, 2023

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Glomex TV Antenna Adhara 20db

ADHARA AGC DAB is an omnidirectional TV antenna for TV and DAB signals with compact dimensions (370 mm in diameter). Adhara is equipped with 2 amplifiers: the 50023/14 amplifier with automatic gain...

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Glomex TV Antenna Talitha AGCU 20db

Talitha AGC DAB is a high performance marine antenna for TV and DAB signals. Amplifier with automatic gain control included. A discreet style and an aerodynamic shark fin line. Included : Automatic...

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Glomex Alya TV/FM Radio Antenna

Alya can be installed on any type of boat, sailboat or motor. Ultra compact omnidirectional TV antenna (only 25 cm high) with internal amplifier. DAD radio reception, FM and TV DVB-T2, TNT FULL HD....

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